Bob - Avon, CT Investment Banker


"I have always been a successful man, but when my wife filed for divorce I was crushed. Leaving my home, and the routine of life with my wife and children brought me to my knees. What Taylor taught me in this journey through hell both personally and in the justice system, is priceless. I would not be the man that I am now had I not worked with Taylor. It was the most important investment I have ever made in my life. Time and money very well spent."

Emile - West Hartford, CT


"When I first met Taylor, I was broken ... unsure of myself, and completely unfamiliar with divorce. I was married for 26 years and never thought I would find myself in this situation, especially at this age in life. Taylor is the most compassionate, empathetic, educated, supportive, and experienced person I know. She understands the legal aspects of divorce and the emotional. She saved my life."

Robert Dunne - Attorney/Senior Lecturer Yale University


"Ms. Leigh is an extraordinary person. She is amazingly energetic, hard working, and driven to succeed at whatever she chooses to do. She is passionate about helping others, being a proactive member of the community at large, about her work, and life itself. She is an articulate spokesperson ... has a terrific and warm sense of humor ..."

Massage Therapist - Ridgefield, CT


"Taylor saw me through the lowest point in my life; a desperate mother with two babies, barely eating or sleeping from stress and trying to survive in an abusive relationship. I am an educated and intelligent woman. I did not think that this could happen to me. I can honestly say that there is no one who made more of an impact in my journey and healing than Taylor. Her knowledge of the judicial process brought enormous comfort. Taylor listened, she educated me ... she held my hand. Taylor brought me back to life."

Insurance Company Project Manager - Farmington, CT


"Taylor is a godsend. She has insight and experience that is unmatched. I was court ordered to see a therapist and I will say that my work with Taylor as a Divorce/Life Coach was far more beneficial to me. I could not have survived this dark and confusing period of my life without her. Life is good again, thanks to Taylor."

Pilot - Simsbury, CT


"My experience working with Taylor changed my life. I was forced to work with many professionals during the fiasco that was my divorce. Taylor came highly recommended as someone that knows the judicial system well and what it can and cannot do for you. She was the only professional that was HONEST with me and did not lead me down a garden path. I spent more money on meaningless nonsense that got me nowhere. Every dime I spent on Taylor was well worth it. The only check I was happy to write. I still see her on a monthly basis for check ups. She is true and can be trusted. She understands the process of divorce, divorce and children, and all the ins and outs of the divorce"