Divorce Mediation, Reconciliation, or Individual Coaching



Mediation leaves the

decision making in your hands.

Don't litigate, Mediate!

Mediation is vastly less expensive than a typical lawsuit.

Mediation allows parties to get on with their lives better and with more control over their future.

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Divorce Coaching


If you are contemplating divorce and

 unsure of the process, I can help.

If you are already involved in contentious litigation, l can help you work well with the professionals involved in your case (your lawyer, their lawyer, GAL, family relations, the Judge). 

Get your voice heard.

Healing: Grief, Pain, Loss


Let me "hold the flashlight" and guide you out of the dark cave of overwhelming grief, pain, and loss (I have the map and the flashlight). Reaching out for help during this tremendously difficult time is a sign of strength. Do this for yourself. 

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I will compassionately help you

 move forward and heal. 

Life/Resilience Coaching


Divorce can leave our personal and social identity shaken. I can help you understand how your got here and how best to move forward. Life//Resilience coaching is forward thinking and solution focused. You've got this, and I will help!

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Children and Divorce: Parental Alienation


Let me help educate you on the developmental needs of children through divorce. In cases where Parental Alienation is involved I can provide you with resources and resilience in advocating for your little ones.

Support Groups


Parents Alienated from Adult Children  (meets monthly)

Divorce Support Groups may be forming  

(call for details)

As your Mediator and Resilience Coach I am here to offer divorce help, support, and methods for healing. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Do this for yourself! 

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