At the moment we will meet virtually via Zoom. We can work together on your voluntary agreement until courts open again for you to file for divorce. Mediation offers a safe and supportive space to communicate efficiently and cost effectively on family issues. Mediation is far more affordable than lengthy litigation. Most Mediations in my office run $2975. That's less than one retainer for a Lawyer. And that's just the retainer! We look at the family as a whole (all the pieces and parts unique to yours) with outcomes, interests, direction, decisions and trajectory put in your hands. 


I facilitate a process where your voice will be heard, your questions answered (we will seek advice and input from legal, financial, and psychological professionals when needed),  and your issues addressed. You are a family in transition and I am mindful and aware of the sensitivity involved in divorce. Let me help you GET IT DONE without the back and forth/time consuming nonsense and game playing often involved in litigation.

It is worth a try! I have worked with the most contentious couples and have had phenomenal results.

And, I look forward to working with you! Let's get together for an initial consultation, soon.