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Taylor Leigh, Life Coach - Mediator

Taylor Leigh is the founder of the Center for Divorce and Healing, a practice dedicated to changing family systems and moving you forward smarter, better, and mindfully.  Taylor is deeply committed to helping you navigate the emotional, psychological, and legal process of divorce or relationship transition with far more control in direction and toward positive outcomes.

Taylor has over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, and families through critical life transitions. She has been considered an expert in highly contentious/conflictual divorces and parental alienation. She is known to say, "When you find yourself walking through hell, keep on walking ... and I will be there right beside you all the way."  

Taylor is educated in Psychology, Human Development, Family Relations, Counseling, Mediation, and has often been referred to as "The Relationship Doc." Although not an Attorney herself, Taylor was previously partnered with Robert Dunne, Attorney/Department Co-chair and Lecturer at Yale University until his untimely passing.

Taylor Leigh practices in Connecticut and offers phone and Skype sessions to clients nationwide.

Taylor has devoted her life and career to the care and support of families and children.

Whether you are seeking help for relationship problems, separation, mediation, or divorce support and parenting through transition ... Taylor is here to help you.

Unlike a traditional counselor, a mediator is skilled at helping you to reach voluntary decisions for your family that are solution focused and forward thinking. Keep the control and trajectory of your changing family system in your hands!

Call me. I can help.