Divorce Support Group

Support is critical at this time

The reason why it can be difficult finding a divorce group for those going through divorce, is because there are highly personal and legal issues that SHOULD NOT be discussed in a group setting during legal proceedings. Confidentiality in support groups cannot be guaranteed. 

That being said, there is a need for support as you transition through the actual divorce action (emotional and legal process). Please call my office and we can set a confidential consultation to address your needs. This is a time to invest in yourself. Expert support  can help you move forward with better outcomes. I look forward to meeting you. It will be an exercise in self care you will not regret!

I do offer a support group for those legally divorced and transitioning to living as a single person. It is a closed group meaning that the same group members meet weekly to discuss challenges and hurdles in this critical life transition. Sessions run in 6 week intervals. Our next group session begins mid-September. Please call me for details and pricing. It is a group coaching session which provides a more affordable cost per session option. Group is limited to 7 members which gives the opportunity for you to get to know one another in a safe and comfortable space.

Call me or email with your contact information!