Center for Divorce and Healing: Life/Divorce Coaching and Mediation

Cost Effective Options for Families in Transition

Center for Divorce and Healing: Life/Divorce Coaching and Mediation

Cost Effective Options for Families in Transition


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Divorce can be messy and confusing. Let me help you

Divorce Support that is experienced, trusted, confidential, and private

Taylor Leigh, Life/Divorce Coach and Mediator

Divorce and Life Coaching (Individuals)

Let my 20 years of experience in this field help you:

  • Restore certainty and significance to your life
  • Manage the grief, pain, and loss
  • Navigate the judicial process with confidence
  • Save  time, money, and many sleepless nights
  • Develop a plan and execute strategy 
  • Overcome stumbling blocks and setbacks along the way
  • Design a New Vision for your future
  • Deal effectively with the overwhelming stress, uncertainty, and vulnerability involved in your changing family system
  • Understand your children's developmental needs through Divorce
  • Identify needs and meet measurable goals
  • Restore child/parent relationship
  • Survive betrayal
  • Build workable parenting plans
  • In high conflict divorces: deal well (and smart) with Attorneys, GAL, Attorneys for the child/children, The Judge
  • Present your case in a light most favorable to you
  • Prepare you to manage the circus and chaos that can ensue in a highly contentious and conflictual divorce
  • Heal, survive, thrive, and move forward into the life you so richly deserve
  • Transition well, gain a sense of control in your life, and find peace
  • Unlike a traditional therapist or psychologist, I focus on solutions for your NOW and for your future - we look at the past to understand but focus is on the now/future
  • Sessions are private and confidential. Mediation is offered to you and to any parties you would like to bring in from time to time, to resolve conflict

Mediation (Couples)

My role as Mediator

  • To provide you with a more Cost Effective option
  • To offer a more gentle and collaborative approach to transition
  • To help you both move forward and maintain a positive relationship
  • To help you communicate more effectively and keep priorities straight as you restructure your family
  • To help you expedite the process of divorce including the emotional and psychological issues involved
  • To educate you about common practices and expectations including the developmental needs of children through divorce
  • To help you avoid the adversarial approach in litigation which pits you against one another - and where posturing and positioning matter most. Nobody wins and the damage can be life altering
  • To help you become allies not enemies or at the very least working partners (even in the most highly conflictual couples)
  • To help you keep your assets with you and not in lengthy and expensive court battles
  • To help you participate in your own divorce (unwedding) and to understand and address the needs of all parties involved

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